College Admissions: FACTS every high schools student should know part 2

Fact: Early Decision is still the “easiest” way to get into a top school
Rationale: If a student wants to go, he/ she will apply early
What you should do: Don’t wait until December to choose a school- you’ll miss the Nov 1 deadlines!
Fact: Money talks
Rationale: Schools are struggling financially and many (note- not all) are considering ability to pay when making admissions decisions
What you should do: If you don’t think you will get aid, do not apply for financial aid.  Parents can call financial aid offices to see if they are eligible in advance of sending in applications.
Fact: Science budgets are booming, and applicants (in particular FEMALES) are still not expressing interest in their applications. (I had two top admissions officers say to me- “if you have a female interested in science, we want them to consider our school!)
Rationale: As finance goes down, attention to engineering and the sciences is going up

What you should do: If science is a strength or interest, be sure to include it on your application

Mandee Heller Adler, Founder and Principal of International College Counselors           

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