How to Apply for Scholarships


Even if money grew on trees you’d have to work to get it with a ladder and a basket. The same goes for scholarships.  They don’t just come to you.  You have to go out and get them.  The good thing is there are a lot of them.  Many more than there are money trees.

Our last International College Counselors newsletter let you know where to find scholarships.  This is what to do once your child finds the ones he or she wants to apply for.

Applying for a scholarship is a lot like applying for college.  There are a lot of choices that a student must go through in order to put together a list of worthwhile scholarships to spend time on.

International College Counselors Note:  Make sure your student filters the scholarships during the search.   Your child should only apply to the ones that match his or her skills, heritage, or other qualifications.  Scholarships are very strict on this.


Start Early.  The more time your student puts into looking for scholarships, the more choices they’ll have.  Your student will also need time to request necessary information and put the materials together.  Scholarships requirements may include:

Financial aid forms like FAFSA
 Letters of recommendation
Standardized test scores
Proof of eligibility, such as U.S. Citizenship, birth certificate, or tribal
membership card

Stay Organized.  Make separate folders for each scholarship and keep track of what is needed and when things are due.
Track the Scholarships on a Calendar.  Make triple sure deadlines aren’t missed.

Follow the Instructions. Carefully.  Count the words on the essay and provide the right materials.  If your student has any questions about what the scholarship requirements are, or how to fill out a part of the application, have them call or email the scholarship sponsors. Many applications are eliminated because the directions were not followed to the letter.

Stay on topic in the essay(s).  If the essay asks for the philosophic themes of an Ayn Rand novel, don’t be clever by comparing her to Batman.  Give them what they asked for.  Don’t give more.  Don’t give less.

Check and Recheck and Recheck the Application.  Words must be spelled right and all the questions answered.  Make sure it’s signed and dated by the right people, for example, a teacher if that is what the application requests. And make sure all the words can be easily read. 
Send the Application in On-Time.  Make sure you do this!
***Scholarships DO Affect Financial Aid Packages***

Contact the financial aid office of any colleges your student is considering to find out the details.  Each school has its own policy on which types of aid may be reduced or eliminated by the scholarship money.  Different types of aid that may be affected by scholarship monies are loans, work-study and need-based grants.

If you need help, contact a private college counselor at International College Counselors to help you with college admissions and finances.

International College Counselors Note:  Legitimate scholarships and scholarship websites are free! If you are asked to pay money to apply for a scholarship, look elsewhere.
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