Give the Gift that Gives So Much Back: A College Advisor

Want to make the holidays even happier? Let the good elves of International College Counselors help you and your family.

Give the gift of a college advisor. It will be a gift to yourself, as well.
With a college advisor:
1. You won’t have to stay abreast of the changes in higher education and college admissions, because the expert college counselors at International College Counselors will.

2. It will be easier for your child to stay organized and focus on school/other priorities. As we all know, teens don’t necessarily like to listen to their parents!  

3. The whole family will know that the child’s application will be thoroughly reviewed and brought to the best light by experts.

4. Your family can find the right college match.
The earlier students start working with the expert college counselors at International College Counselors, the more advantage they gain.
Early planning gives a student time to sift through his or her interests, create a steady academic progression, and build a solid foundation of achievements, including focused community work and summer options.
Expert planning and strategic guidance can certainly help with admissions, but more importantly, an expert college counselor at International College Counselors can assist a high school student in understanding his or her potential earlier and making wiser personal decisions during these important years
And there are no batteries required.
Giving the perfect gift is easy. Just call International College Counselors at 954-414-9986 today.

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