How Early is Too Early to Study for the SAT?

Freshmen and Sophomores:
When should you start studying for the SAT and ACT?
a. Now
b. Immediately
c. Forthwith
d. All of the above. 

Answer: d.   For duh.
It’s never too early to start studying for the SAT or ACT.  Do not plan on cramming for these critical tests.  These tests are scored on a curve and students are taking the tests world-wide.
What students don’t realize is that there are many types of study materials available.  Some are even fun and most students don’t know all these options exist. 
Online you can find crosswords and other games.  If your student likes to read, there are mystery books, vampire novels, classic literature paperbacks, vocabulary cartoons, manga comics and a few potboilers designed to strengthen vocabulary.   There are also the flash cards.  If your student is an audio learner, or so busy that bath time is his or her only free time to add another activity, there are rap songs and rock songs that have been written as SAT and ACT prep as well.  There are also many phone apps available.  Even on Twitter they can find SAT tutors offering a word a day. 
There are a number of different books written to help students tackle the math sections of the SAT and ACT, too.  Head to your local bookstore or hop online with your child to find the books that most appeal to you.  While the test is always the same, different authors take different approaches.
Tutoring or test prep works for many students. Contact one of our expert college counselors and we will give you names and numbers of recommended SAT and ACT experts to call.

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