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Florida Prepaid College Board Announces New 4-Year Florida College Plan

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

The Florida Prepaid College Board is expanding its savings choices with the introduction of the 4-Year Florida College Plan. The 4-Year Florida College Plan prepays tuition, registration fees and local fees for 60 semester credit hours at a community college, now known as a Florida College, in addition to 60 semester credit hours at a Florida state university. This program was mainly designed to support workforce related undergraduate degrees in areas such as nursing, applied technology, and education.

When your child is ready for college, this Plan covers the cost at any Florida College. Or the value of the plan can be transferred to the majority of private or public colleges in Florida, technical schools and out-of-state colleges.

Financially speaking, families can now prepay the cost of earning a bachelor’s degree for as little at $99 per month. Three payment options are available including monthly payments, a 55-month payment plan or a lump-sum payment plan.

For much more information on the new 4-Year Florida College Plan or to sign up online for any of the four Florida Prepaid College Plan options, families can visit or call 1-800-552-GRAD (4723). Florida Prepaid’s 2010-2011 annual acquisition period, when families can purchase a Prepaid College Plan at this year’s plan prices, ends January 31, 2011.

The college advisors at International College Counselors are available to help you with either of Florida’s two prepaid college plans: the Florida Prepaid College Plan and the Florida College Investment Plan.

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College Tuition Hikes and What to Do

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Parents or guardians with students who plan to join Florida Prepaid College Plans (which I highly advocate) or get a Bright Futures Scholarship should read this:

An overview:
With universities warning of dire budget problems, the Florida Senate overwhelmingly approved a plan that could give universities the green light to raise tuition by an additional 7 percent, for a total of 15 percent.
Now the House approved it too and it’s being sent to Gov. Charlie Crist, who is expected to sign it into law.
Senate Bill 762 (SB 762) allows all 11 state universities to charge a tuition differential, or supplement, which is a power previously awarded to the University of Florida, Florida State, South Florida, Central Florida and Florida International.
What will happen if they pass this bill?
Bright Futures won’t be so bright next year for Florida’s top university undergraduates, who are likely to be paying a greater percentage of their tuition costs.
The latest budget offer keeps the Bright Futures scholarships at current-year levels and does not increase the funding to match even the base increase tuition of 8 percent likely to be approved this session.  This means 
scholarship recipients will have to pick up the extra tab. The Bright Futures’ scholarship fund is funded by Lottery proceeds and currently allows many students to pay little or no tuition at state universities.
The additional increases for the Prepaid Florida Plan — known as “differential” increases — would not apply to students who attended universities before July 1, 2007. Also, they would not apply to families who had Florida Prepaid contracts before that date.  However, they will raise the prices greatly for parents who want to join in the next enrollment period.  

What can parents and guardians do?
Let the Governor know that you think this is a bad idea. Tuition could nearly double within five years for those with teenagers, and more than double for those with toddlers. 
We voted for them. Now it’s time for them to support us.  They need to find another way to cover Florida´s budget shortfalls so our kids will be able to go to college.
Our kids are our future. Tell Governor Charlie Christ to vote NO on the college tuition hike bill.
For parents and guardians who are not invested in the Florida Prepaid College Plan, even if they raise the costs, it is probably worth it.  Who knows what the economic picture will be in the future and anyone who buys a prepaid plan has a contract with the state of Florida, so your payments will be locked in from the time you sign up, and the state must foot the bill for college regardless of future financial conditions.  You can enroll now in Florida Prepaid but are subject to prices effective October 2009.  These have not been made public yet.  

For information, go to or call 800-552-4723.


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