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Make Summer Count

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

by Mandee Heller Adler, President of International College Counselors

Students who want to shine on their college applications should not forget about the summer as well. You don’t need to go to Costa Rica to build huts, but you do need to do something that raises your APA (application point average). If you’re not planning to take classes or attend an enrichment camp—get a job, volunteer or get an internship. Summer is coming up fast so here are some ideas to get you thinking about how to make the most of your summer.

Get a great summer job or internship

There are many opportunities in Miami.  And college counselors at International College Counselors  know that summer jobs and internships are great ways to show colleges, and your parents that you are successfully maturing into a responsible adult. And there are few better ways to earn a little respect and gain valuable real-world experience. In a tight job market like the one we’re experiencing now, your best bet may be the internship. An internship is a pre-professional work experience that provides students with an opportunity to gain unpaid experience in a field you’re interested in. So what you don’t gain in cash, you gain in experience. Think of it as a summer course. But with persistence and luck, you can land an internship in your dream career. If you think you might like to try advertising, check with your local agencies to see what internship opportunities are available. Think you want to be a lawyer, see if you can work in a law firm. An internship is also great way to secure yourself a recommendation and get your foot in the door for future networking.

If you’re looking for available internships opportunities here in Miami, college counselors at International College Counselors can help you. Opportunities can also often be found on company websites and social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Volunteering gives back

It can be profitable to work for nothing. You can make a difference, gain experience and explore your interests. For example, if a career in medicine interests you, you could volunteer a few hours a week at a hospital or nursing home. Interested in animals? Volunteer at the local animal shelter. Feeling entrepreneurial? Start a non-profit of your own. The choices are endless and all your hard work and time can pay off. Colleges and universities truly adore students who can demonstrate that they make the effort to help others. You may not be making money but you can make friends, and networking connections. You’ll also be creating fodder for those application essays. Then there’s always the fact you will be doing good — a wonderful reason to volunteer in itself.

Take a Virtual Class or Try Dual Enrollment

Flush out your resume and explore something new. Virtual classes and dual enrollment programs offer you a chance to choose something you want to learn. Try out a course from a major you’re interested in. Explore aeronautical science or 17th century literature. At some schools taking a virtual class or participating in a dual enrollment program can even help raise your GPA . Both can also help save you time and money if you take classes that count both for high school credit as well as college credit. Depending on their school, students who enter college with credit can reduce their course load per term or even graduate early.

Enjoy your summer – wisely!

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